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Hey. Ah. I know everyone else has been doing this lately, but...I guess we all have to say something, huh?

[Hiccup looks away from the feed for a moment, visibly torn between what he should be doing. At the same time, there's this sense of unwavering resolve that comes to the surface.]

Guys? [Hesitation gets to him, but he pushes to continue.] I gotta go. [He strokes Toothless' head.] We need to go back.

The last time I went home, I came upon a very big, terrible discovery. And this happened the night before the final dragon test I have to go through. I know what happens. Astrid told me. I just...I have to go through with it, you know?

[Toothless gives the boy a nudge. A low gurgling purr clutters the sound for a moment. Hiccup laughs weakly, regaining his balance before looking back at the feed.]

So... [He draws in a quick breath, puffing out his cheeks.] That's it.

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[It seems that at first there's nothing there, but then the picture focuses, and a figure can be seen walking toward the source of the video feed. There's a definite swagger to that walk, exuded confidence, and an almost nonchalance...]

Well, well. It looks like infinite possibility lies ahead.

I wonder what the gallery of worlds has to offer? Perhaps a new beginning will see fruitful results... at any rate, my time here has come to an end.

[And then he turns to leave, exiting as nonchalantly as he came...]

Perhaps we may even meet again... if you survive that long.
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[ Aslan stands on the site where the baseball diamond once stood. The Darkness has already descended, and in the night, he appears to be a beacon, shining for a light a hope.

His expression is grave. ]

I will be returning to Narnia at dawn.

To those who wish to accompany me or require guidance through the In-Between Places of the World, I will assist you as I am able.

For those who remain- take heart in the days that lie ahead. Light will ever shine, even in the deepest darkness.

My thoughts shall not be far from your cause.
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[ Once again, every network device and phone will crackle to life. A voice speaks, and despite the collapse of the city, there is energy and power behind it yet.

It's Ghost Writer, and he has one final message for the city of Siren's Port. ]

The time is now upon us.

Stake your claim upon this city or leave it as you choose. By this time tomorrow evening, the Core shall end its reign, and this island will sink to the bottom of the sea.

Dare to venture into the unknown -- to spread your wings and take flight into a new world.

Perhaps we shall meet again.

[ Static comes across the feed before it finally goes off. ]
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I have an... announcement to make. An invitation.

[He raises his eyes to the screen, looking sadder than he ever has, but... different. The little man who once curled pathetically in a wheelchair is sitting up straighter, squaring his shoulders, looking less jittery and more settled than he ever has.


I'm going home. Back to my world. I'm going back to clean up my own mess. It's my world, and I can't let it devolve into chaos like this, and now that people can leave- this might be the only chance I ever get, to fix it, to stand up and say I am who I am and take some responsibility.

I'm leaving in two days. Anyone who wants to come with me- I'll take you with me. It'll be okay. I mean, hey, when God's literally your co-pilot- how dangerous can it be, right?

[He sits forward, more serious.]

Anybody who can't go home- you can come. My world's actually really nice and normal if you stay out of the action. 99.9% of people there live normal lives, y'know? If that's what you want, I'll guarantee it- I mean, as in an act of God. You'll be okay. Some people need a safe haven.

On the other hand, if safety isn't your thing, then uh, I have great news. [A weak little not-even-a-chuckle.] We'll need help.

Anyway, that- that's all. And it's been great. I'm so happy I came here. It was kind of the worst few years of my life, but... I changed more in two years than I did in thousands. Everyone here, everyone I ever met or, or drank with or fought with- helped. This place made me a better man and God and...

Thank you, all- all of you. [Getting a little choked up rn omg.] I'll miss you all. And if I've ever met you or spent more than five minutes with you, just- just know.. you're loved, okay? [It's a deep truth, the kind He's been too human to say for a long, long time.] Stay safe. Live long and- stuff.

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 Isn't there any way to save the island? ]Prim's voice is wobbling a bit as she speaks. Her voice trembles. She forces herself to look at the screen, though. She wants everyone to see the pleading look in her eyes.]

It's our home. Weren't we all happy here? Even if it was odd sometimes... it brought us all together, didn't it? It gave us new lives. ...It saved my life.

There was an explosion, back home. There was fire and lots of noise; and I think I would have died. But I ended up over here, instead...

[She trembles, then, her entire body shaking. She's been holding this back so long - for what? What's the point anymore?] If I go home, I'll die. They want me dead. Because they want to hurt my sister. They want to make her suffer so that she won't resist.

...There has to be another way; if we can band together, maybe we can stop it. Fix the core. It must have given us powers for a reason. Don't you think? Maybe it was to save this place. To thank it, for saving us.

For giving us time with each other...

I don't want to go.
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[The feed opens up to a skyline, between sectors one and two. There is a bit of a pause before a small click can be heard and following that a series of explosions can be seen at the various buildings, smoke rising up from a variety of them. The camera turns to Deadpool decked out in weapons and sitting on a crate]

I have to say, I was seriously wondering how to finish all this jazz up before I begin my next crazy happenstance in some other continuity, but I think going out with a bang is the only real appropriate way to do so, don't you?

[He gives a bit of an unapologetic shrug]

I have to say, it was a slice here. Can't say I'd repeat it, but hey, some things are just a once through. I guess I'm not very suited to all this sentimental shit. I'd like to say I've grown as an individual, and yatta yatta. But all I've really done is the same thing as always, been a nuisance, caused problems, explosions, death, destruction, all the standard things. Still, can't leave without giving everyone a proper goodbye...

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

[He presses a button, and then across the city this song can be heard ]
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[Guys, it's the last network post you will ever see of Raul Creed sitting behind the desk of his Newcomer Community Center office.]

This is a hard time for everyone, and I thank you for the time you all are making to watch this message. While it hasn't been made as public, due to the party's wishes, the Newcomer Community Center has been... [That just gets a wave of his hand.] Well, it's still standing, and anyone who might wish to seek refuge can still come here, for as long as they need to.

[He sighs, leaning forward just a little.] It's unfortunate that this city which many of us have called home is being torn apart like this. I know that I did not expect it to become like this. But, despite the drastic, and at times fatal changes, there are still many options available for everyone.

One of those is to leave the island. There are many boats and many people leaving the island as quickly as possible, and it is very easy to gain passage on one of them. And if anyone needs anything to help get them on a boat that is supposedly "full", then the Newcomer Fund will give you the necessary means to find a spot on it. [Times are serious, after all, and there's plenty of money in that fund.]

Another option, some of us believe, is to go home. Back to your home, wherever that may be. We're all from very different worlds and universes, as we all know, and many people will want to go home. I'm sure we all feel that we are being drawn to the Core in some way, and I will admit, going home is a best guess on my part. I say it will take us home, but I am not a scientist, so please be mindful of that. [You could go somewhere else, or die, or whatever by going to the Core; how the hell is he supposed to know?]

And the other option is to stay in Siren's Port. For some of us, this is home. This is where we've put down roots, so to speak. Where our families are, in whatever shape or form they are in. Perhaps the way the city is right now will die down, and things will go back to normal; or, maybe they won't. Just as much as all of the other options, this is not one that has a 100% guarantee rate of success.

[And now he leans back in his chair.] Which leads into the next part: all of these options are choices that you need to make. It is your choice, an individual choice that everyone must make. This is not a choice for families or groups of friends to make. Do not let anyone pressure you into making a choice. This is the biggest decision we've all had in awhile, and it is up to you to decide what you wish to do for yourself, not for anyone else. To be quite honest, I personally do not know what I will do. It's a stressful time, and I wish I could give an opinion of what is the best option, but my choice is not your choice.

But there is one thing I want everyone to agree on. Whatever you decide to do, wherever you decide to go: remember us. Remember the experiences you had here, both the good and the bad. Remember the friends you have made, the families you have created. Remember those who left us before we were ready to be left, and the relationships we had with them. Remember the trials and tribulations we, as Newcomers, had to face, and how we survived even in the face of adversity.

Remember us. That's all that I ask.
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Hello. [Balthazar seems to be in an alley, seated on the edge of a chunk of fallen masonry. He looks otherwise utterly composed.]

Please understand, I'm not trying to be overdramatic here. I've considered my options and settled on the one that seems...

[There's a long pause as his gaze strays to the middle distance and his lips purse uncomfortably.]...simplest.

Really, I made my choice the moment I stepped out of Heaven. It's just been a longer and more tortuous path than I expected.

[Deep breath. He smiles vaguely and shrugs.]

So. I'll be staying here. I wish everyone the best. Go somewhere safe and have a glass of brandy for me. Or a piece of chocolate. Whichever suits you.

[The last words before he clicks off the feed are murmured softly, in Enochian:]

Go in peace and love, my brothers. Goodbye.
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[Francis appears on the NV looking rather tired. It's been only a week and a half since he was last on, but this one is obviously on purpose. He takes a deep sigh, before he continues, a little solemnly.]

Many of us are going home, back to our original worlds. I must unfortunately say I am one of them, mes amis. Some of you... may have seen a post I made last week, so you know my true identity... [Francis awkwardly smiles at that.]

... and for those of you who have not, you may be quite surprised when you go back to look at it. Simply know that what I say is true: I am the embodiment of France. I have lived for thousands of years, as long as the people of France have lived. And that is why I must go back. I have a duty to my people, my countrymen... though this does not mean that some of you will never get to see me again. You could always come with me.

[Francis shifts then, crossing his legs in a rather businesslike posture, threading his fingers together and placing his index fingers to his lips for a moment, before offering his proposition.]

For those of you who know me well, or will not cause trouble in my world... due to my... influence in the government of France, I can always pull some strings and find you a place to live, a job perhaps... in order to give you a better life on Earth. It does not have to be in Paris, it does not have to be in France. Japan, America, or dozens of others will likely be happy to help. I simply thought... some of you may prefer this option, because you cannot go home for one reason or another, but you do not want to stay here.

[He pauses once more, trying to figure out how to word this properly.]

I'm leaving tonight, with Liliane and whatever small things I cannot do without. Anyone who is interested, let me know. And anyone who I know well... if you are staying, or going to your own home world, may I visit you before I go? I simply want to say goodbye.

[The feed then ends.]
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[ Jesse is in his room. As usual, it looks very tidy, but there are a few bags in the corner. Jesse's beloved dog Wiggler, now nearly his fully adult size, lays down on the floor, snoozing. The looping end of the leash is underneath the snoozing dog. The hamster is not floating, but nibbling on some food in a blue, transparent cage clearly meant for travel. ]

Hi, everyone.

I guess school's over now. I said goodbye to my classmates - the ones whose parents would let me talk to them, anyway. Most of them are in MAN.

Or used to be in MAN. I guess MAN doesn't matter anymore.

[ They either fled from the island or stay behind to die. That's how it goes in this stupid island. ]

I'm leaving. The island, I mean. I can't go back home anyway. I'm going on a boat instead of teleporting, if I can. I don't want to leave alone this time. I'm taking my dog Wiggler and my hamster E.T with me.

[ The dog suddenly gets up and greets his master, nuzzling his cold nose against Jesse's elbow. Jesse pets Wiggler distractedly. ]

I can't say I'll miss this place. It gave me good things, but it mostly gave me a lot of grief. It gave me good people I would have never have met back home, and it took them away in the end.

[ Like Bruce. Like Christina. ]

It made a lot of people suffer when they shouldn't.

[ It made me suffer, is the obvious omission from Jesse. But he won't complain about himself. Not when the end is so close. ]

It gave me a different life, I think. I used to live as a normal boy, back home. Now I live as the Antichrist, and I think - I think it's no different, yeah?

I don't know what will happen when I get to the mainland. Maybe I'll help with fighting the Darkness with the CIA and stuff. Or maybe I'll live in California and be a surfer. I really don't know what to do after I leave the island.

[ Jesse sags in his seat, winded by that little speech. He's not one who talks a for a long time. He's not exactly a conversationalist. ]

Well, that's it, I guess. Sorry if that was preachy. I usually don't talk this much.

[ Jesse looks down, thoughtful.]

Well, I guess . . . this is good-bye.

[ He reaches down to Wiggler and drags the dog's upper body to his lap. He takes one of the dog's paws and waves it at the screen, making the dog to wave good-bye himself. ]

Say bye Wiggler! Bye-bye!

[ The dog just rolls his eyes toward Jesse, in a mournful expression of trepidation.

Jesse reaches over and turns off his NV, ending his final post to the Newcomer Network. ]
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[ Good evening, Siren's Port. This may or may not be a familiar face, but tonight, Xigbar stands upon a rooftop, the headquarters of the Xino E. Mao Corporation in the background. He's wearing the black coat this time, as opposed to his more business-like attire, and as he begins his address, there a flames visible somewhere in the distance. ]

Good evening, Siren's Port -- or fellow Newcomers, should I say?

[ He waves a hand, and shadows start forming behind him. ]

Normally, I'd say a little something about AGI or the wonders of corporate power. [ He shrugs. ] But now? [ His smile broadens. ] I'd say it'd be a little dishonest, wouldn't you?

[ Behind him, the tower he once reigned in as CBO erupts in dark flames, and the shadows behind him materialize into a recognizable form. There's three of them, jaws snapping lightly.

Xigbar flashes a demented smile towards the camera. ]

The Darkness is upon us, friends. Let's make use of the time we have left.

[ With that, he shuts off the feed. ]
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Warren looks into his NV, his brows knitted. The house has been strangely empty. He doesn't think it strange that Magento should go missing for short periods then reappear. But, the house has been all but abandoned, and no one has told him about anything.

"Is anyone there?"

It clicks off.
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[Lee's video feed is his usual professional broadcast: from his desk in Platinum Phoenix Enterprises, with what almost seems to be business as usual. So what he has to say is absolutely unexpected.]

Good day, Siren's Port.

Today, I must tell you all that I don't plan to stay here. I have learned that people have begun to flee through the ocean. Furthermore, this island has become far too hostile. I will try to continue my business in another land, but I am certain that things will be much different if I do. I will be lying though, if I said that I don't miss home. In all honesty, I do feel compelled to see what is happening at the core and if it could return me- as well as others- home.

To my dear employees, please let me know what your plans will be. I want to be assured that you all have somewhere to go, even if I close up the company and leave.


[A pause there.]

I'll see you at home soon.

[And he gives a sad smile before closing the feed.]
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Her face is calm and serious as she looks into the camera. The difficulty of sleep - with the change of schedule and the pressure of Siren's Port - has left bags under her eyes.

"Hello. I'm Yvaine, and I arrived last month. " A pause as she gathers her words.

"I'm grateful to those I've already spoken with. It's helped me understand this place better. From that, I see this place is changing, has been changing for a while. And not for the better."

She'd nearly been attacked several times; quietness let her escape with a few bruises on her arms. She's on the brink of losing her new job too. Yvaine won't tell herself anything definite yet, but she's inclined to think similar things and worse are true for everyone else.

"If it's not too much trouble, I'd appreciate someone giving me a bigger picture of what's been happening. It'd be very kind." A wry smile accompanies the last three sentences.
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[The feed flickers on to Jake sitting in his truck, looking absolutely pissed. Anyone who knows him knows it's really difficult sometimes to get Jake to show serious emotions, so whatever is annoying him is quite serious. And after a few moments, it's quite clear - from out of his truck's window, the Core site is clearly visible, with all of SERO's security precautions.

After a long moment of silence, Jake looks back at the Core site. Then he pounds the dashboard with his fist, and a few words are clear:]

Son of a bitch!

[He opens his fist a bit with his fingers still stiff, as if he's enacting the motion of strangling someone, before he closes his hand into a fist again, taking a deep breath or two to calm himself down. It's only then that he turns his attention back to his NV.]

I bet you've already heard the news, folks, but SERO done kicked us out. I don't care who you're with, AGI, SERO, neutral, whatever. I'm askin' y'all to stay away from the Core for now. Especially those of you who can't fight er nothin'. If what I'm hearin' is true, AGI's pissed and they might retaliate. I just don't want anyone to get hurt for no good reason, all right?


Until then, looks like I'm stuck with nothin' to do 'cept wait. We all are. And I don't like waitin'.
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Friday, April 12th, 2013.

Weather: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers. Highs of 11°C and low of 5°C. (52°F / 41°F)

Current Moon Phase: New Moon

Morning sirens go off at 6:28 am, and evening sirens are at 7:57 pm.

News & Advertisements


In a bold move today, SERO ousted SPPD forces gathered at the Core site with a surprising show of force. Ever since the incident on April 10th, when a band of Newcomers infiltrated the underground Core site, the Core has been giving off high levels of strange, unknown energy. The area was immediately roped off by the SPPD, and SERO lobbyists immediately petitioned City Hall for access to the Core itself.

Denied due to the gridlock still in play after the recent murder of Governor Townshed, SERO officials took it upon themselves today, despite protests from AGI, to take control of the baseball diamond. Turning the Voids against the police officers, members of the SPPD were escorted from the premises and then barred from re-entering. When met with a warning from the governor's office to "cease and desist", a SERO spokesperson claimed they were only acting in the best interests of the Port.

In light of these recent developments, reports have been received of new activity stirring in Sector One. Eyewitnesses claim they've seen a large number of AGI security forces mobilizing, but as of yet, the only action taken has been vocal.

"SERO can either get out of the Core, or face the consequences."

[ News Notification Thread]
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[It had definitely been a while since Genesis had last used the network to broadcast to a wide audience, but today, he seems to have decided to do so for a great reason. When he speaks, he doesn't sound like the proud flirt he usually was towards the rest of the port. Instead, he sounds as if he was about to go into battle. He broadcasts this from his room in his shared home in the outskirts of Sector 4.]

So, SERO believes that they could use the core as their plaything for their experiments. This, I can't live with. This, I won't tolerate. If you ask me, the Core must be destroyed. And I'm more than willing to help with the task.

[He pauses.]

And I won't hesitate taking down anyone who decides to stop me or protect that horrid company.

[He shuts off the feed then and decides to head straight for the Baseball Diamond.]
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[Video is dangerous. So is audio. Something as small as the bouncing of his voice or a flicker of light could be used to find him, and he can't be found.

There's a bounty on his head, apparently. A big one. He's still shaky, still sick from the days or weeks or months he spent in that closed room, hurting and hurting and hurting a hundred thousand times more than he's ever hurt in his life; he physically can't take any more, regardless of the fact that the torture wasn't in his body. He could feel his heart fluttering in a rapid death-march towards the end of it. Chakra gone, almost at his limit. He's lucky he isn't dead, really.

Or worse. For a few days he was a shell, immobile, completely hollow; no thoughts but the ghost imprint of torment.]

I hurt a lot of people last month.

[And isn't that an understatement? The port feels more like a prison camp than a city, from what little he's seen. He knows with absolute certainty that it's his fault.]

If anyone is still willing to correspond with me, I would like to know what I've missed.

[So many people gone. Hushed rumors. No new arrivals at the baseball field. The silence feels like the calm before a storm.

His fingers hover over the keys for a minute, but he can't think of anything else to say. The transmission ends.]
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[The feed comes on to a cat's foot resting over the camera, pawing at it a few times, before the NV in question falls off the table it once rested on and clatters to the tile floor. Footsteps are heard before an upside-down Francis Bonnefoy comes into the frame, grabbing the calico cat and holding her up for a moment.]

French People the Soap Opera, Episode 5 )

It is impossible to expect such a thing from you. This does not mean I will not be by your side protecting you as much as I can, until the big event. [It's then that he turns back to his duffel to finish packing it. The moment he notices the recording light on is quite evident from his face - his expression turns from a slight frown to one of pure horror.] Merde! When did this turn-?!

[He scrambles for it, and the feed cuts.]

(( ooc: Enjolras is in red, Francis is in blue. This is basically your last opportunity to find out France’s identity, but alternatively, if you want to log something out just PM me on this account and we can make it happen! ))