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October 15th, 2017 08:34 pm
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Player InformationA

Name: Allison Marie
Contact: Plurk Crow Witch
Age: 21+
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: Eric Slingby
Canon: Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
Canon Point: The canon point is near the start of the musical. Eric has just started the string of murders that he believes can save his friend Alan.
Age: Unknown. Eric is a Shinigami, and they can live for centuries. In all probability, Eric has. However, he appears to be early thirties in face and body.
Personality: Eric Slingby is a brash, bold, and confident man, capable of crossing the line to overconfident. He’s prone to bragging and acting in ways that make him appear ‘cool.’ He’s also fairly open with his sexuality, openly expressing interest in both men and women and boasting about sexual conquests. However, it’s frequently unclear if his conquests are real or merely boasting. He likes good food, good drink, parties, and is known to get drunk on occasion. He also has a wry and sometimes mean sense of humor. In relation to his job, Eric is a bit like a more mature version of Ronald; he works hard, but hates overtime and love parties.

His bold exterior hides a much more compassionate person than he’ll let on. Shinigami work with humans at the point of death. When human beings die, they are the ones who reap the souls. Any effort to help them avoid death is prohibited. Different shinigami deal with the emotional burden this entails in different ways. Eric’s way of coping is to be completely untouchable and merciless with those he is about to reap. He does not connect with them, and does not allow them to connect with him. Alan is compassionate with them, offering them support, and wanting to share their pain so that they will not be alone with they die. Eric admits to Alan that he sees Alan as the stronger of the two of them for this. He even says that he envies Alan his strength in being able to show compassion to someone they cannot save, and that he sees himself as not being able to deal with the emotions of the dying the way Alan does. That’s why he must remain aloof when his work requires him to take life.

Eric loves Alan completely and totally. We know that there is literally nothing Eric would not do for him. While Eric doesn’t hesitate to kill one-thousand innocent people to gain the one-thousand pure souls to help cure Alan’s illness, the fact that he’s doing something wrong does not escape him. He’s well aware of the immorality of his actions. There’s just nothing that he’ll stop at to try save the person he loves the most. At one point, before Alan understands that Eric is trying to save him, Alan offers Eric his soul “since he’s going to be dead soon anyway” and “Eric needs souls so much.” Eric responds with horror, saying that if Alan dies that what he’s done has been all for nothing. He repeats this sentiment when Alan is killed; horrified that he killed all those people and that Alan wasn’t saved, making their deaths meaningless. The corruption of his own soul is something Eric is acutely aware of, saying at one point that he’d gladly give his own life to help cure Alan, but that his soul has become too corrupted with the sins he’s committed and no longer counts as a ‘pure’ soul. He even speculates whether or not he’s fit to be with Alan anymore after what he’s done, even though he’s doing it to save him.

Given the fact that Eric does all he can to avoid contact and attachments with the people he has to kill through his work as a shinigami, and given the fact that he is aware that he’s doing something evil in order to save Alan, it is unlikely that he’d bring himself to kill someone he’s made an emotional connection with if he doesn't have to. There would be a crisis of conscience. He’d simply move on to a stranger instead, as long as there was one available. Of course, Alan’s well being would ultimately trump anyone else’s. But, as long as there are anonymous strangers around, the people close to Eric are relatively safe.

Alan describes Eric as someone who always reached out to other shinigami struggling with their job. Given the fact that Eric admits that he must maintain distance from dying humans in order to do his job, and what he’s willing to do to save Alan, I think we can take this assessment at face value. Eric will, by nature, help someone in need. Suffering, cries for help etc will all work on him. Of course, he’ll do his best to act cool and seem unmoved while he does it. Eric’s exterior of bravado is a hard shell for him to discard at times, due to the nature of his work, but he can be cracked.
Abilities: Eric is a shinigami, and has the skills set of a shingami in his canon. It’s very hard to kill a shinigami. While they can get ill, the “Thorns of Death” is the only disease they can die from, but there is only one recorded case it. Mostly, the disease exists only in legend. The only other way to kill one is to reap them with a death scythe. They can be injured however. If they are hit, they can bruise, cut, bleed, break bones etc. They will shake it off and heal faster than a human would. Minor wounds will heal almost instantly, major injuries can take days, and they will scar normally.
Compared with a human, shinigami are much stronger, faster, and more agile. They can overcome gravity with leaps and bounds and in-jump aerial maneuvers far beyond what any human could do. They are said to be able to ‘travel long distances instantaneously’ but how they do this or what the limitations are is never established in canon. In fact, in canon it’s done so infrequently (and there are multiple examples of shinigami in danger where they don’t do this to escape) that one would assume it can only be done under specific circumstances.
They do travel easily back and forth from the human world and the world they inhabit when they are not collecting human souls. My own personal belief, since there is no information in canon, is that since they can move in and out of the human world, they can also ‘skip’ over space within the human world using similar methods. One limitation I would set on this ability within the game is that he would have to know a place and to have been there before in order to get there by these means. Since there are times when this is not used as a means to escape within canon, I would also say that that they have to be able to move in order to travel to another place by this method, so if a shinigami is physically restrained, they would not be able to vanish from restraints.
They are very in tune with the spirit world, able to see ghosts, distinguish between humans and supernatural being disguised as humans on sight, and posses the ability to sense magic. Shinigami are almost all near-sighted, and they all wear glasses. The glasses are specially made for them and also signify their status as a shinigami. Willfully removing and abandoning the glasses constitutes retirement. Eric‘s vision without his glasses is very poor.
Strengths: Good with his death scythe, strong and agile, fast, cool persona, and a loyal friend
Weaknesses: Alan and needing to keep him alive at all costs, finding his existence as a shinigmi long and cold, partying too much, being a reaper has left him with little interest in human life, poor eyesight without glasses
God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: Eric is pretty dispassionate about humans. He wouldn’t be very good at listening or answering prayers. He has a long history of carrying out the pans of gods though.
Cause Of Death: Eric was killed by Sebastian after accidently killing his beloved Alan. Eric will be in a broken state when he arrives.
Vessel: A small potted cactus with a 1 cent price tag on it.
Name Location: Inside of his left wrist.
Power: Healing Touch. As a Shinigami dealing with death, healing would mean a lot to Eric. Also, his plot in the musicals revolves around him trying to find a cure for Alan.

Writing Sample


Anything Else?: N/A

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October 15th, 2017 08:17 pm
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You know what to do.

The Far Shore

October 15th, 2017 08:00 pm
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CHARACTER: Eric Slingby
CANON: Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
VESSEL FORM: A small potted cactus
POWER: [your shinki's special power] Healing
GOD: [the god your shinki belongs to, can be found on the shinki page]
EXP POINTS: [can also be found on the shinki page]
CAUSE OF DEATH: [as detailed in your application] Killed by Sebastian after accidently killing Alan

The Far Shore Permissions

October 15th, 2017 07:55 pm
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CHARACTER SERIES: Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

[Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.]

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Yes
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Yes. Sex, violence, etc.

[Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.]

Hugging this character: Yes
Kissing this character: Yes
Flirting with this character: Yes
Fighting with this character: Yes
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Situational, ask please
Killing this character: Situational, ask please
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes but he'll know

Warnings: Eric likes to flirt, and he's strong. Caution is advised.